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The vespa is made for Italy. The moment you arrive in Rome, you realize they are as much a part of the landscape as the Colosseum. The fact is, a vespa is your key to the city. It captures the very essence of Rome that you can’t experience any other way. As you weave your bike between drivers along the banks of the Tiber River, when you spot that perfect outdoor terrace to have a glass of local wine, or when you set foot atop the hand-crafted cobblestones of Trastevere, you will realize– Rome is a living, breathing, irresistible force which you are now a part of.

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Ready for Adventure?

There is no “one size fits all” travel guide. When you go to an unfamiliar city, the places you choose to go are deeply personal. So why would you rely on one of those huge, newspaper sized maps, printed out by the thousand and handed out by a hotel? We curated several guides for you to choose from, based on specific types of activities. Simply save the links we provide and the maps of your choosing will automatically populate on Google Maps. Unlike the majority of travel guides, we do not partner with any restaurants or locations contained. These are genuine, authentic places we recommend to family and friends! 

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The Vespas

Italian style is rooted in simplicity, beauty, and quality. Embracing this spirit, we offer you the best scooter in its category: the iconic Vespa LX. Sleek lines, bold color, and comfortable handling are all hallmarks of the Vespa. With it, every narrow street, winding pathway, and sun-soaked terrace in Rome reveals itself to you. You’ll get free parking practically everywhere, avoid cumbersome traffic jams, and gain access to the tucked away corners of Rome in the best way. Riding a vespa, you can see in four hours what a normal visitor will see in four days.

The Dolce Vespa Story

Justin came to Rome and right away knew he found his new home. After deciding to leave the US to travel the world, he discovered a city that was full of fun, inspiration–and scooters!