When in Rome, do as you do

There are so many things to do in Rome! But where do you start? We have broken up many activities for you to try in Rome. You will see all of Rome’s main attractions, many lesser known ones, and all of our favorite places to eat and drink. Take your time! Rome is a big city with a lot to offer!

Must do

Here are the heavy hitters… most likely they’re what inspired you to come to Rome in the first place. Taking this vespa route will let you see all of them at your own pace, fast or slow.

Colosseum / Pantheon / Appia Antica / Roman Forum / Palatino Hill / Terme di Caracalla

Food & Drink

Let’s be real: the Italian food you eat in Rome is all going to be pretty good. They know how to cook, they’ve been the best at it for a thousand years. The real challenge is separating the overpriced tourist traps from the authentic gems that Romans themselves enjoy. Here you can find the major types of food, drink and more.

Pizza / Gelato / Pasta / Street food / Roman / Gourmet

Best Photo Ops

Looking for the best places to snap a photo? Visit each one of these locations to get the ultimate view of the city.

Castel Sant’Angelo / Orange Garden / Vittoriano / Gianicolo Hill Orti Farnesiani / St Peters Basilica

Rooftop Bars

A little known secret of Rome is there are a few incredible rooftop terraces sprinkled throught the city. Get views of the Colosseum, the Vatican, and more here.


Colosseum / Pantheon / Appia Antica / Roman Forum / Palatino Hill / Terme di Caracalla

Free Places

Sometimes, the best things in life are free, and these locations are here to prove that point. 

Pantheon / St Peters Basilica / Trevi Ftn / Appia Antica  Largo di Torre Argentina / Villa Borghese

Lesser Known

Off the beaten path of Rome, there are a lot of amazing sites to see!


Trajan’s Market / Baths of Caracalla / Broken pot mountain / Mouth of Truth

Pigneto Hidden Gems

Pigneto is one of the most under the radar places in Rome. A Bohemian vibe, with lots of restarants, live music venues and plenty to see and do!


Turd Fergusons/ Cool Restaurants / Parks