Should I Rent a Scooter in Rome?

Take a look online and you’ll notice there are more than a few articles out there that advise against riding a scooter in Rome. Maybe one of your friends, or your aunt Karen warned you against driving, period!

The reputation Rome has for crazy driving is a tad bit undeserved. Sure, there is a bit of chaos– but once you ride around for just a few minutes, you realize there is a definite order and flow to the perceived madness.

Now, clearly we are biased. I mean, you’re reading this article on a scooter rental website, what do you expect? But hear us out–its not as bad as you’ve read!

So without further adieu, here are the reasons you definitely should rent a scooter in Rome!

They are incredibly fun

This one is fairly obvious, but worth pointing out. Easy to drive, lightweight, comfortable. Plus, I challenge you to find something more Italian than the iconic red Vespa. You can’t!

Even your typical morning commute to work can be fun. This is why there are more vespas in Rome than any other city in the world! The Romans are on to something, living their best Dolce Vita!

Need a driving refresher? Read our articleHow to Ride a Scooterfor a quick recap.

You save a ton of time

Rome is unfortunately saddled with heavy traffic, especially in the morning.

How rude that ancient Romans designed civilization’s first roads without cars in mind, right?

This means the best way to be on time reliably is on a scooter. Rome is huge, with something ancient and breathtaking seemingly in every corner of the city.

Save yourself some time and plot out an efficient vespa route so you can experience it comfortably, without spending half the time walking or waiting forever on public transport.

Or, just download one of our free google map routes here.

You can park anywhere

Ok, you can’t park anywhere but compared to a car, you practically have an infinite amount of options.

Rome has free designated parking spots for scooters all throughout the city. Look for spots with white stripes the size of a vespa.

On a scooter you can also park for free in the blue striped area, just make sure you don’t hog an entire space.

You will quickly see that Italians follow a very different set of unwritten driving and parking rules from the rest of the world. We advise you NOT to do what they do! For the full, uncensored list, see our guide here.

You can drive in the city center

Another little known advantage over renting a car is that you can drive in the restricted areas of the historical city center.

These areas are reserved strictly for taxis, buses, local traffic and scooters.

You’ll notice the slightly confusing signs that say “VARCO NON ATTIVO”(cars allowed) or “VARCO ATTIVO” (cars not allowed). These areas are heavily monitored by cameras, so if you are in a car keep your eyes peeled!

With a vespa, don’t worry about it. They are allowed everywhere, at any time.

So what are you waiting for? Get on that vespa and have fun! For many people, it becomes a highlight of their trip to Rome on the back of a vespa, especially if you drive it to the beach!

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Also, check back next week when we publish 10 Tips for Driving a Scooter in Rome.

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